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For me, true joy lies in sharing my sense of wonder. In essence, it's about being connected. To myself, to you,
to nature, to the world.    



My name is Ann Cools. I'm a 30-something lifelong learner from Belgium. I've cared for living beings and nature for as long as I can remember. From nursing a fly and staring at lightning to hiking mountains and freediving with orcas. I've always been drawn to exploring the unfamiliar, the majestic. And somewhere along the way, I picked up a camera and  a pen.

my why

It's no wonder that the natural world and our relationship with it is at the heart of my creative work. Through my photos and stories I aim to spark your sense of wonder, because I believe in the power of beauty and storytelling to deepen our connection with nature and with each other. Contributing to a world where all life thrives, is my ultimate purpose.

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my work

What started as a photography hobby, has grown into a quest for stories. Stories about adventures in nature, responsible travel or wildlife expeditions and conservation heroes. Aesthetic yet realistic images give readers a true sense of a place, people and experiences. My work gets published in various travel, adventure and lifestyle magazines and websites. 

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