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When I capture my sense of wonder and awe in striking images, I'm the happiest person on the planet. 


I have a big heart for our planet, for people and wildlife. I work as an HR professional, travel photographer and writer. Based in Antwerp (Belgium), but often on the road abroad. I'm addicted to the true joy of discovery I feel when wandering through unknown places, seeing wildlife and learning about different cultures.


My love for nature, people and wildlife is what makes me tick. I want to contribute to a world where humans reconnect with nature and where wildlife thrives. I want to share my sense of wonder and awe to inspire people to cherish the planet and take care of it in any way they can. 

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I see and capture the beauty that surrounds us. I embark on adventures that push the boundaries of my comfort zone. I write stories about my travels and experiences and share them through my website, other travel blogs and magazines. I set up collaborations with like-minded people, brands and organisations to spread awareness.

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Photography helps me to be in the moment and truly enjoy it. It allows me to experience things more consciously and to have more meaningful interactions with others.